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 Vasectomy Reversal Experts

Vasectomy Reversal San Diego

San Diego city is situated in coastal Southern California and is the second largest city in California and the eighth largest in the United States. A historic city with a booming tourism industry, it has a varied cultural mix.

For those considering a vasectomy reversals, the expert hands of Dr. Aaron Spitz, MD, are only an hour away. His practice is located in the Orange County town of Laguna Hills, CA.

Dr.Spitz, is a leading Board Certified Urologist and Vasectomy Reversal specialist who has re-introduced hundreds of individuals to parenthood once again.

Dr. Spitz, with a Fellowship in Male Fertility is a seasoned expert in male reproductive medicine and surgery. He has an enviable track record with the most challenging of vasectomy reversal procedures and the most exacting techniques.

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